For an ecosystem such as the wider Maasai Mara region to be managed sustainably, a balance between biodiversity and livelihood of the citizens needs to be found and kept. Stakeholders involved in these areas need reliable data on which to make daily decisions. Citizens can play a key role in helping fill data gaps. For this reason, consortium partners with many stakeholders have been involved in a series of co-design workshops, held in the region. The tools being developed and made accessible through this website are integrating existing modules, partners, initiatives, data streams, in order to allow decision makers to make more informed decisions.

Phone Screenshots

The Maasai Mara Citizen Observatory Android App being developed allows citizens (local & tourists) to receive weather forecast data. The Mara Collect app allows trial entries of data collection for flood reporting, biodiversity sightings, human wildlife conflict locations. The screenshots above show the apps in development. 

Weather observations are also available here and through the Android app through partner TAHMO who have placed 4 professional weather stations in the region.

Thanks to the MAMASE (Mau Mara Serengeti) project, low cost weather and water level sensor data spread across the region have also been made available through this platform.